The aim of the Twelfth International Conference is to create the forum for presentations and discussions in order to consider the newest research and application results achieved by students and researchers in the course of their training and development in the following areas and topics:

▪   Mechanical Processing and Production Systems

▪   Materials Science and Environment

▪   Micro – and Nanotechnologies and Systems

▪   Non-Conventional and Combined Methods for Processing

▪   Interchangeable Manufacturing and Industrial Metrology

▪   Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

▪   Mechatronics and Mechatronic Systems

▪   Alternative Energy Technologies and Systems

▪   Automation Technology

▪   Electronics Engineering

▪   Computer Science

▪   Robotics and Automation

▪   Engineering: Analysis, Design and Production

▪   Research Methods and Control of Materials, Machinery and Processes

▪   Agriculture Innovative Technologies

▪   Maintenance, Logistics

▪   Production Management and Quality Management

▪   Business Management, Project Management